Official Name The Heimatonian Kingdom
Primary Inhabitants Humans
Population 1 500 000
Languages Common
Capital Glasshaven
Form of Government Monarchy (Absolute)
Leader(s) King Varick
Deities Erde, Meera
Terrain Grassland, Wetland, Rivers, Mountains
Area (Square Kilometres) 100 000

Heimat is located in central-northern Morthir. Ruled by King Varick, it is a nation mostly inhabited by Humans. Its capital, Glasshaven, is located along the northern coast. It is a port city and famous for having some of its most prominent buildings made of Heimatonian Glass, a type of green glass that is the country’s most lucrative export. The glass is made from green quartz mined in Unterberg. Much of the country constitutes wetlands, meaning that the country’s staple crop is rice. Many other resources are gathered from these wetlands, including fish, dyes, fibres, and firewood.

Notable Cities & Towns


Population 55,000.


Population 39,000. Located east of Glasshaven, along the coast, Meerahaven is Heimat’s other port city. It is closer to Unterberg, providing an easier way to export green quartz, although it must still be transported to Glasshaven if it is to be made into Heimatonian Glass. Besides this, it is the home of the Meeran Cathedral


Population 27,000. Located in central Heimat along the Konig River, this city acts as the hub for much of the country’s villages and small towns. A bustling market city, it’s located within the wetlands, selling almost all wares. Many of the imported items are reasonably expensive as they need to be transported down from the coast.


Population 18,000. Nasswang is c


Population 14,000. Unterberg is a mining city home to the green quartz caves. It is by far the most lucrative city in Heimat, with the Unterberg Trade Company, owner of the mines, having its base of operations here. Much of the city is under their employ and works in the mines. It is found in the south-east of Heimat, close to the borders of both Yandaku and Anthropis, and sits upon the edge of the marshlands.


Population 10,500. Sitting upon the place where the Roi River flows into the Tilte River, Erdenbuhl is found at the border of both Saor and Anthropis. It facilitates trade into both of these countries, as well as protecting the rest of Heimat,


Population 5,000. The primary source of Coal for the country, Kohledorf is found in eastern Heimat. It is a reasonably large mining town, but has not been monoplised by a single mercantile company, unlike Unterberg.


Population 3,700. A smaller wetland town, it acts as a hub for a few of the nearby villages and feeds into Geldheim. The nation’s medical school is found here, with many rare natural medicines being cultivated nearby.


Population 2,200.


Population 2,000.


Population 1,300.


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